The CENTER-TBI database contains prospectively collected data of more than 5000 patients with TBI in Europe. The Registry and Acute Care data has been collected during a 3 years’ period (2015-2017) in 65 centers in Europe. For all patients, outcome data has been collected up to 2 years after injury.

The CENTER-TBI investigators welcome all forms of collaboration and data sharing. Interested scientists may obtain access to the CENTER-TBI clinical, imaging, high resolution ICU and biomarker data for the purposes of scientific investigation, teaching or planning clinical research studies. Obtaining access to and using CENTER-TBI data requires adherence to the CENTER-TBI Data Use Agreement and harmonized procedures for the data access requests as outlined in the documents listed below.

The application process includes submission of an online application form. The application must include the investigator’s institutional affiliation and the proposed uses of the CENTER-TBI data. CENTER-TBI data may not be used for commercial products or redistributed in any way.

Data access & publication requests

To submit your data access request or publication request, use one of the relevant forms:

SOP manual

Download SOP manual for data access and publication requests

v01/01/2018 (PDF - 267,7 kB)

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