General Questions

The CENTER-TBI website provides general information and further aims to be a communication platform for Patients, Scientific Participants and Investigators. Open discussion forums for patients will be available on the website in the near future. Please also feel free to apply for subscription to the CENTER-TBI Newsletter.
The consortium has already been formed, so inclusion at a level of (funded) participant is not possible. We are however very open to establish collaboration and data sharing if you would be able to acquire funding elsewhere. Please send us your research question to
Unfortunately the list of investigators for CENTER-TBI has been closed on January 30th 2014. We regret but we have no other option than to disappoint you. Due to budget restrictions and geographical distribution we cannot incorporate centers at this moment anymore as investigator to the project, however if centers would drop out we would certainly keep you in mind.

More Questions?

We will be more than happy to help you, but we'd be grateful if you'd use this website as your first source of information!

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    dept. Neurosurgery
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The CENTER-TBI research project will collect a prospective, contemporary, highly granular, observational dataset of 4,500 patients, which will be used for better characterization of TBI and for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER).