CENTER-TBI is committed to the InTBIR initiative. As such, the participants of CENTER-TBI have the full intention to work together and to share data with other consortia which will be funded in the context of IntBIR. We consider it essential that successful teams on both sides of the Atlantic work together for scientific benefit. Guiding principles for CENTER-TBI are collaboration and sharing. As such we have established collaboration with the following non-European partners:

We have a long-standing collaboration with Dr Geoff Manley (UCSF), and participated in the TRACK-TBI study: Transforming Research and Clinical Care in TBI. Experiences in this observational data study are highly relevant for informing the design and analysis of CENTER-TBI. We further hope to benefit from the personal knowledge and expertise of Dr Geoff Manley in TBI research and have included him as member of the Management Committee. Other US participants include Dr Kevin Wang (University of Florida), who is recognized as one of the leading world experts in biomarker research for TBI, Dr Jonathan Rosand (Massachusetts General Hospital) for his specific expertise in neuro-genetics and Dr Jed Hartings (University of Cincinnati) for his specific interest and knowledge of advanced neuro-monitoring in TBI, including the analysis of spreading depressions.
The Monash University and National Trauma Research Institute are one of the leading centres for TBI research in Australia. Collaborations exist at multiple levels (epidemiology, knowledge transfer, biomarkers, registry, advanced MR Imaging ). We aim to intensify these collaborations within CENTER-TBI. A particular focus of the collaboration concerns the development of an international TBI knowledge community, that integrates results of the project with high quality 'living evidence reviews' of the current state of knowledge, aiming to continuously provide evidence to underpin guidelines and treatment recommendations. This process will be supported by Prof. R. Gruen, a leading expert in evidence based medicine. The intent is that the International TBI knowledge community will remain in place beyond the duration of the project.
New Zealand
Collaboration has been established with Dr Valery Feigin and his group at the University of Auckland. Prof Feigin is neurologist and clinical epidemiologist, and currently Editor in chief of the journal "Neuroepidemiology", and chairman of the International Congress on Neurology & Epidemiology. A unique feature of the TBI research at AUT is a population-based study on TBI epidemiology with long term follow-up. This collaboration will provide both additional expertise in the conduct of longitudinal studies, and facilitate exploration of the external validity of the CENTER-TBI cohort.
People's Republic of
China (ICPC country)
Collaboration has been established with Prof Ji-Yao Jiang at the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Renji Hospital. Dr Jiang is currently President of the International Neurotrauma Society and has recently successfully completed an observational study on TBI epidemiology and treatment in China, enrolling 7,145 patients over a 9 month period. Dr Jiang has agreed to fund and conduct a Chinese observational data collection in consort with CENTER-TBI. This will increase numbers and provide a unique opportunity for comparative analyses between Chinese and European populations. This is considered highly relevant as pharmaceutical companies are increasingly shifting research efforts to the Far East, because of higher patient potential and lower cost. We have, however, little knowledge of how comparable access to care and treatment may be.