A total of 44 scientific institutes worldwide and more than 75 hospitals in Europe and Israel will participate in the project.
The official launch of the project took place in Antwerp on the 11th and 12th of October 2013 and was attended by 80 top experts from Europe, China, America and Australia.

The project forms one pillar of an ongoing global International Traumatic Brain Injury Research initiative, which is also being supported by research funding in the USA, Canada, and other countries. The observational study which will form the basis of analysis for CENTER-TBI is planned to start in November 2014 and aims to gather data on over 5,000 patients in Europe and Israel.

The total duration of CENTER-TBI including full analysis of all results is 6.5 years with and expected end date of April 2020. The concept of CENTER-TBI is attracting worldwide attention and partner projects are being set up in Australia, China and India.
44 scientific institutes and more than 75 hospitals in Europe will participate in the project.

The CENTER-TBI study has been listed in the registry of clinical trials.gov, a service maintained by the US National Institutes of Health (registration number: NCT02210221; https://clinicaltrials.gov) Extensive details of the study protocol have been accepted for publication in Neurosurgery, a major international neurosurgical journal.