The global aims of CENTER-TBI

  • Improve characterization and classification of TBI in Europe, with inclusion of emerging technologies.
  • To identify the most effective clinical care and to provide high quality evidence in support of treatment recommendations and guidelines.

In brief, CENTER-TBI will

  • Collect high quality clinical and epidemiological data with repositories for neuroimaging, DNA, and serum from patients with TBI.
  • Refine and improve outcome assessment and develop health utility indices for TBI.
  • Develop multidimensional approaches to characterization and prediction of TBI.
  • Explore methods for better targeting of treatment to the needs of individual patients (precision medicine) (“Precision Medicine”).
  • Develop performance indicators for quality assurance and quality improvement in TBI care
  • Contribute to international standardization of data collection in TBI common data elements (CDEs)
  • Intensify networking activities and international collaborations in TBI
  • Disseminate study results and management recommendations for TBI to health care professionals, policy makers and consumers, aiming to improve health care for TBI at individual and population levels
  • Develop a “knowledge commons” for TBI, integrating CENTER-TBI outputs with existing knowledge.