Data Sharing Policy

The CENTER-TBI investigators are strong believers in international collaboration. In fact the entire project is only possible by virtue of data sharing and mutual collaboration between research teams.

The CENTER-TBI database and repositories on TBI will be an invaluable resource for further research which we would wish to encourage. The database and repositories have been facilitated by public funding. Hence, it is not only from a desire to facilitate research to improve the care of TBI patients but also from a moral obligation to the community to ensure the most optimal return on invested funding, that the CENTER-TBI investigators support the concept of data sharing. With the aim to ensure an optimal use of the data and to prevent possible misuse, the CENTER-TBI management committee has established policies for data sharing as well as policies for publication and publication credits for those who use CENTER-TBI data. These policies further aim to encourage academic productivity and to provide a mechanism for tracking and archiving data requests, intended analyses and publications related to and resulting from the CENTER-TBI data.

The expectation of the CENTER-TBI management committee is that de-identified data of the CENTER-TBI study can be made available to the general scientific community within a relatively short time frame after closing and checking of the database.

For access to the de-identified data, please submit your Study Plan Proposal.