1. Name and Scope of Project

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2. Lead Researcher - Name & Affiliations

3. Other Researchers - Name & Qualifications

Please specify all researchers, also from other relevant working groups/institutes and – if applicable - external researchers.

4. Project Overview

5. Type of data requested, based on Data Dictionary

6. Upload MICA catalogue file

The MICA environment is the online data catalogue and portal containing the CENTER-TBI dataset.
Please browse and upload the MICA zip file below (mandatory for external researchers).


Download SOP manual for Data Access and Publication Requests

(v4.0 - PDF - 1.1 MB)
Last updated: 28-FEB-2022

Data Access & Publication Requests

To submit your data access request or publication request, use one of the relevant forms:

Reminders on writing your manuscript:

  • Please include appropriate statements on Ethical approval, methodology and funding sources – see appendix 5 of the SOP manual for Data Access and Publication Requests
  • Remember to state your version used of the dataset extracted from Neurobot – see the User Manual in Neurobot and appendix 4 of the SOP manual for data access and publication requests
  • Remember to include a (sub)group designation in the author list as "and the CENTER-TBI participants and Investigators".
  • Remember to complete the checklist and send this together with your pre-final version of your manuscript to the Management