1. Name and Scope of Project

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2. Lead Researcher - Name & Affiliations

3. Other Researchers - Name & Qualifications

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4. Project Overview

5. Type of data requested, based on Data Dictionary

Download SOP manual for Data Access and Publication Requests

(v3.0 - PDF - 527.2 kB)
Last updated: 24-FEB-2020

Data Access & Publication Requests

To submit your data access request or publication request, use one of the relevant forms:

Reminders on writing your manuscript:

  • Please include appropriate statements on Ethical approval, methodology and funding sources – see appendix 5 of the SOP manual for Data Access and Publication Requests
  • Remember to state your version used of the dataset extracted from Neurobot – see the User Manual in Neurobot and appendix 4 of the SOP manual for data access and publication requests
  • Remember to include a (sub)group designation in the author list as "and the CENTER-TBI participants and Investigators".
  • Remember to complete the checklist and send this together with your pre-final version of your manuscript to the Management