Quote Aristotle: “He who sees things grow from the beginning will have the best view of them.”

CENTER-TBI has an important emphasis on education, as part of its plan of activity. We wish to stimulate knowledge, participation and expertise of young investigators in the field of TBI. The unique worldwide international collaborations between top level institutes which are developed within the context of CENTER-TBI, provide unique opportunities to further this aim. During the analysis phase of CENTER-TBI (year 3-7 of the project) exchange programs and fellowships were implemented. We have used our funds to leverage the following training and travelling scholarships:

CENTER-TBI training in Systematic reviews

CENTER-TBI, as part of its package of knowledge transfer, has conducted several courses on Systematic Review training which were organized as part of WP 18, by Monash University. Anneliese Synnot, Emma Donoghue and colleagues from Monash, undertook detailed trainings of young neurotrauma researchers on a range of preselected topics. The trainings have been extremely fruitful, and the topics that formed the basis of the trainings were pursued as formal systematic reviews, some of which were deliverables within the CENTER-TBI project. See also: CENTER-TBI publications.

CENTER-TBI Scholarship Programs

The CENTER-TBI Scholarship Program supports young investigators who want to be engaged in the CENTER-TBI project, with the main goal to foster the collaboration among CENTER-TBI institutions and educate the next generation of TBI scientists.

Scientists under 35 years of age, PhD students and Specialty residents are invited to apply to this program.

We launched three successful calls, one in 2018, one in 2019 and one in 2020, which have allowed many PhD students to take part in exchange programs and present CENTER-TBI results at international conferences.

The CENTER-TBI–EBIC Conference scholarships for prize winning presenters at the 14th International Neuro Trauma Society Symposium in Budapest

CENTER-TBI, in conjunction with the European Brain Injury Consortium, wished to support young neurotrauma researchers attending this Symposium. Following discussion with the INTS organizers, we were successful in establishing two travel scholarships of USD 500 for the highest rated abstracts accepted for the meeting.