# Title Lead researcher / PI Work Package(s)
1 A new traumatic axonal injury classification scheme based on clinical and improved MR imaging biomarkers David Menon -
2 Central versus site assessment of acute CT characteristics in Traumatic Brain Injury Thijs Vande Vyvere WP04
3 Characterizing, refining and quantifying image phenotypes for correlation David Menon WP08
4 Comparability of post-concussion symptoms across time Ruben GL Real WP10
5 Comparability of post-concussion symptoms between X European countries [The paper aims to provide evidence for cross-country comparability of patients’ responses to the Rivermead Postconcussion Questionaire (RPQ) for as many countries as statistically feasible. Hence, the exact number of countries is still unknown.] Ruben GL Real WP10
6 Comparative effectiveness research for intubation in traumatic brain injury patient Benjamin Gravesteijn WP02, WP13
7 Comparative effectiveness research for transfers in traumatic brain injury Charlie Sewalt WP13
8 Comparative effectiveness research in ventricular versus parenchymal intracranial pressure devices. Victor Volovici WP13
9 Comparative validation of indices of Cerebrovascular Reactivity in a Multi-Center Cohort Frederick Zeiler WP06
10 Curation of CENTER-TBI CANTAB outcomes and their relation to functional outcome. Lindsay Wilson WP01, WP02, WP03, WP10
11 Developmental trends in quality of life and related outcomes after TBI Anastasia Gorbunova WP10
12 Differences in management of mild traumatic brain injury at the emergency department and hospital admission in Europe: a CENTER-TBI study Kelly Foks WP13
13 External validation and update of the IMPACT and CRASH prognostic models in the CENTER-TBI study Simone Dijkland WP12
14 Genetic Drivers of Impaired Cerebrovascular Reactivity in TBI (GWAS + candidate gene analysis) Frederick Zeiler WP03, WP06
15 High resolution feature extraction and information cross-talk Ari Ercole WP06
16 Impact of extracranial injury on outcomes in TBI patients Charlie Sewalt WP12
17 Impact of intracranial pressure and time burden on outcome in CENTER-TBI Ari Ercole WP06, WP20
18 Intra-Cranial and Extra-Cranial Drivers of Impaired Cerebrovascular Reactivity – A Validation Study Frederick Zeiler WP06
19 Longitudinal modelling and clustering for intensive care physiome discovery Ari Ercole WP06
20 Mild TBI patients admitted to the ICU: a study on factors associated with ICU admission and the comparative effectiveness of ICU admission versus ward admission Maryse Cnossen WP02, WP13
21 Modelling transition of care following discharge from acute hospitalization for traumatic brain injury Nada & Cecilie Andelic & Røe WP14
22 Multidimensional longitudinal modelling of preclinical and early clinical factors for developing pathophysiological characterization of traumatic brain injury using machine learning methodologies David Nelson WP20
23 Neuroanatomical and connectomic substrates of neurobehavioral outcomes David Menon WP08
24 Neurological recovery/progression in TBI – subsets and imaging biomarkers David Menon WP08
25 New data processing and analysis pipelines for clinical imaging in TBI David Menon WP08
26 Post-acute transitions of care, Center-TBI, WP 14 Peter Ylén WP14
27 Relative influence of injury severity and sociodemographic factors in the prediction of post-concussion symptoms Ruben GL Real WP10
28 Responsiveness and response shift of the QOLIBRI and QOLIBRI-OS. Anastasia Gorbunova WP10
29 STIR1 Agreement between approaches for rating the GOSE in CENTER-TBI Lindsay Horton WP10
30 STIR2 The GOSE as a clinician-reported or patient-reported outcome Lindsay Horton WP10
31 STIR3 Relation of GOSE level of disability to data quality and validity of outcomes in adult TBI Lindsay Horton WP10
32 TAI-MRI – A new traumatic axonal injury classification scheme based on clinical and improved MR imaging biomarkers - WP 2 – Computer aided diagnosis (CAD) of lesion detection and quantification Rashindra Manniesing -
33 The Value of Monitoring Cerebrovascular Reactivity in TBI – Outcome Prediction in Addition to the IMPACT Variables Frederick Zeiler WP06
34 The brain heart interaction: The relationship between variability of physiological parameters(heart rate, blood pressure) with treatment intensity and neuromonitoring Raimund Helbok WP20
35 Use and performance of CT decision rules for minor head injury in Europe: a CENTER-TBI study Kelly Foks WP12
36 Validating the Spanish Version of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist (PCL-5) for Patients after a Traumatic Brain Injury Haghish Ebad Fardzadeh WP10
37 Validation, Evaluation and Recalibration oft he Stockholm CT Score David Nelson -
38 Volume-outcome relationship in TBI patients Charlie Sewalt WP13