# Title Lead researcher / PI Work Package(s)
#96 Association between “frailty” and outcome in TBI patients. Giuseppe Citerio -
#97 Respiratory derangements after TBI Giuseppe Citerio -
#85 A methodological exploration of imputation in prediction of traumatic brain injury mortality. Benjamin Gravesteijn WP02
#63 A new traumatic axonal injury classification scheme based on clinical and improved MR imaging biomarkers David Menon -
#98 An observational study to assess the feasibility of implementing a ROTEM®-guided coagulation management algorithm for patients with severe TBI and suspected hemorrhage Helge Güting WP16
#43 Between-center and between-country differences in outcome after traumatic brain injury in the CENTER-TBI study Simone Dijkland WP13
#62 Biomarkers to Optimise Patient Pathways in mild Traumatic Brain Injury (BiOPPtic - mTBI) David Menon -
#106 CenterTBI WP 15 : Prediction of recovery from coma and outcome LOUIS PUYBASSET WP08, WP15
#10 Central versus site assessment of acute CT characteristics in Traumatic Brain Injury Thijs Vande Vyvere WP04
#56 Characterisation of individual, temporal and pathophysiological heterogeneity David Menon WP08
#61 Characterizing, refining and quantifying image phenotypes for correlation David Menon WP08
#6 Comparability of post-concussion symptoms across time Ruben GL Real WP10
#4 Comparability of post-concussion symptoms between X European countries [The paper aims to provide evidence for cross-country comparability of patients’ responses to the Rivermead Postconcussion Questionaire (RPQ) for as many countries as statistically feasible. Hence, the exact number of countries is still unknown.] Ruben GL Real WP10
#87 Comparative effectiveness research for fluid management in traumatic brain injury Eveline Wiegers WP13
#17 Comparative effectiveness research for intubation in traumatic brain injury patient Benjamin Gravesteijn WP02, WP13
#47 Comparative effectiveness research for transfers in traumatic brain injury Charlie Sewalt WP13
#46 Comparative effectiveness research in ventricular versus parenchymal intracranial pressure devices. Victor Volovici WP13
#36 Comparative validation of indices of Cerebrovascular Reactivity in a Multi-Center Cohort Frederick Zeiler WP06
#78 Curation of CENTER-TBI CANTAB outcomes and their relation to functional outcome. Lindsay Wilson WP01, WP02, WP03, WP10
#18 Deriving a value set for the QOLIBRI OS/GOSE in 3 countries Daphne Voormolen WP11
#108 Deriving disability weights for the Glasgow outcome scale extended: mapping functional outcome data to a preference-based instrument Daphne Voormolen WP11
#104 Description of epidemiology in CENTER-TBI Marek Majdan WP02, WP07, WP17
#91 Determining a clinically and statistically plausible method to obtain derived baseline Glasgow Coma Scale variables required for prognostic CENTER-TBI analyses Ewout Steyerberg WP12
#90 Developing a new, multidimensional classification for Traumatic Brain Injury. Benjamin Gravesteijn WP12
#7 Developmental trends in quality of life and related outcomes after TBI Anastasia Gorbunova WP10
#40 Differences in management of mild traumatic brain injury at the emergency department and hospital admission in Europe: a CENTER-TBI study Kelly Foks WP13
#88 Dynamic prediction of logistics and outcome for moderate to severe Traumatic Brain Injury patients Benjamin Gravesteijn WP12
#124 Effects of psychosocial determinants on outcome after traumatic brain injury from a longitudinal perspective Ali Teymoori WP10
#92 Epidural hematomas: surgical guidelines revisited Victor Volovici WP13
#123 Examining the cross-cultural generalizability of PHQ-9 Instrument for Depression Disorder Ali Teymoori WP10
#111 External Validation and Comparison Eveline Wiegers WP12
#95 External Validity Fiona Lecky WP17
#42 External validation and update of the IMPACT and CRASH prognostic models in the CENTER-TBI study Simone Dijkland WP12
#105 Genetic Associations In Neurotrauma David Menon WP03
#35 Genetic Drivers of Impaired Cerebrovascular Reactivity in TBI (GWAS + candidate gene analysis) Frederick Zeiler WP03, WP06
#21 High resolution feature extraction and information cross-talk Ari Ercole WP06
#49 Impact of extracranial injury on outcomes in TBI patients Charlie Sewalt WP12
#23 Impact of intracranial pressure and time burden on outcome in CENTER-TBI Ari Ercole WP06, WP20
#89 Improving outcome prediction for Traumatic brain injury patients with machine learning Benjamin Gravesteijn WP12
#54 In-hospital treatment costs in patients with TBI Jeroen van Dijck -
#55 In-hospital treatment costs in traumatic brain injury: a Dutch multi-centre cost-effectiveness analysis. Jeroen van Dijck -
#19 Intensive care management in Traumatic Brain Injury: an overview of 72 neurotrauma centers participating in the Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in Traumatic Brain Injury (CENTER-TBI) study. Jilske (Antonia) Huijben WP06, WP13
#94 Internal Validity Fiona Lecky WP17
#34 Intra-Cranial and Extra-Cranial Drivers of Impaired Cerebrovascular Reactivity – A Validation Study Frederick Zeiler WP06
#20 Longitudinal modelling and clustering for intensive care physiome discovery Ari Ercole WP06
#67 Machine learning models for incremental temporal physiome-sensitive ICU outcome prediction Ari Ercole WP06
#44 Mild TBI patients admitted to the ICU: a study on factors associated with ICU admission and the comparative effectiveness of ICU admission versus ward admission Benjamin Gravesteijn WP02, WP13
#66 Modelling transition of care following discharge from acute hospitalization for traumatic brain injury Nada & Cecilie Andelic & Røe WP14
#22 Multidimensional longitudinal modelling of preclinical and early clinical factors for developing pathophysiological characterization of traumatic brain injury using machine learning methodologies David Nelson WP20
#57 Neuroanatomical and connectomic substrates of neurobehavioral outcomes David Menon WP08
#58 Neurological recovery/progression in TBI – subsets and imaging biomarkers David Menon WP08
#84 Neuropsychological assessment as predictor for PTSD following TBI Dominique Van Praag WP10
#37 New data processing and analysis pipelines for clinical imaging in TBI David Menon WP08
#60 Outcome prognostication David Menon WP08
#79 Post-acute transition of care Philippe Azouvi WP14
#65 Post-acute transitions of care, Center-TBI, WP 14 Peter Ylén WP14
#112 Prediction of Health-Related Quality of Life following Traumatic Brain Injury Isabel Retel Helmrich WP12
#117 Prediction of outcome following mild TBI (revision) Ana Mikolic WP12
#86 Prior beta-blocker use and impact on outcome on TBI Eveline Wiegers WP13
#3 Relative influence of injury severity and sociodemographic factors in the prediction of post-concussion symptoms Ruben GL Real WP10
#8 Responsiveness and response shift of the QOLIBRI and QOLIBRI-OS. Anastasia Gorbunova WP10
#75 STIR1 Agreement between approaches for rating the GOSE in CENTER-TBI Lindsay Horton WP10
#76 STIR2 The GOSE as a clinician-reported or patient-reported outcome Lindsay Horton WP10
#77 STIR3 Relation of GOSE level of disability to data quality and validity of outcomes in adult TBI Lindsay Horton WP10
#52 Sex differences in traumatic brain injury and the underlying role of gender-related factors and treatment differences Ana Mikolic -
#15 TAI-MRI – A new traumatic axonal injury classification scheme based on clinical and improved MR imaging biomarkers - WP 2 – Computer aided diagnosis (CAD) of lesion detection and quantification Rashindra Manniesing -
#33 The Value of Monitoring Cerebrovascular Reactivity in TBI – Outcome Prediction in Addition to the IMPACT Variables Frederick Zeiler WP06
#27 The brain heart interaction: The relationship between variability of physiological parameters(heart rate, blood pressure) with treatment intensity and neuromonitoring Raimund Helbok WP20
#99 The impact of Obesity on Traumatic Brain Injury Consequences and Outcomes Stefania Mondello -
#114 The long pressure reactivity index revisited in traumatic brain injury patients: a CENTER-TBI study Alexander Younsi -
#122 The psychometric validation of the Dutch version of the Rivermead Post-Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire (RPQ) after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Anne Marie Plass WP10
#120 Thromboelastometric Guided Hemostatic Management of Traumatic Brain Injury - a Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Research in Traumatic Brain Injury (CENTER-TBI)-embedded pilot study. (Study plan 98) Marc Maegele WP16
#39 Use and performance of CT decision rules for minor head injury in Europe: a CENTER-TBI study Kelly Foks WP12
#51 Validating the Spanish Version of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist (PCL-5) for Patients after a Traumatic Brain Injury Haghish Ebad Fardzadeh WP10
#11 Validation of Imaging CDE’s for TBI Thijs Vande Vyvere WP04
#113 Validation of the quality indicator set for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury at Intensive Care Units in Europe Jilske (Antonia) Huijben WP13
#41 Validation, Evaluation and Recalibration oft he Stockholm CT Score David Nelson -
#48 Volume-outcome relationship in TBI patients Charlie Sewalt WP13
#121 Weighted Intra-cranial Pressure, Individual Intra-cranial Pressure and Parent Signal Entropy in TBI: A Validation Project Frederick Zeiler WP06