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Registration has been closed for Pre-congress (EANS) meeting of CENTER-TBI and RESCUE-ASDH Investigators. Thank you for your interest.

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Pre-congress (EANS) meeting of CENTER-TBI and RESCUE-ASDH Investigators

  • October 21, 2018
  • Brussels, BELGIUM

Welcome to the registration page of the Pre-congress (EANS) meeting of CENTER-TBI and RESCUE-ASDH Investigators in Brussels, BELGIUM on October 21, 2018.


Sunday October 21, 2018

  • 16:00: Registration open
  • 16:30 - 18:30: Meeting


This meeting aims to provide an update on the current status of the RESCUE-ASDH and CENTER-TBI studies.

The target audience are CENTER-TBI and RESCUE-ASDH Investigators.
Other attendees are welcome.

  • RESCUE-ASDH (Professor Peter Hutchinson): recruitment for this study is ongoing – the current enrollment (Jun, 2018) is 378 in the randomized group and 348 in the observational group. An update on the study progress will be presented and opportunities provided for discussion and feedback with the Investigators.
  • CENTER-TBI (Professor Andrew Maas): the recruitment for the CENTER-TBI Core Study and Registry was completed in December 2017 with a total enrollment in the Core Study of 5,745 subjects and in the Registry 21,968. During the meeting, we aim to present preliminary descriptive data of both Core and Registry studies. Analysis plans will be presented and discussed.


Registration is free; however, space is limited and we therefore request advance registration. Attendees who are not registered for the EANS 2018 congress are welcome to the pre-congress meeting, but advance registration is required.

Please note that unfortunately the travel and other expenses for attending the meeting, cannot be covered by the RESCUE-ASDH or CENTER-TBI study.

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